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FAQ regarding the Balance Support Site. Access, users, registration, navigation and more.


I entered my Balance Serial Number (SNR), but I am not able to complete the registration process. Why?

Two reasons are possible:

  1. Your SNR does not belong to a product which ist supported by this site. Only these laboratory balances can be registered.
  2. We have a system error. This is possible.
If you are sure that your SNR should be accepted, please contact the administrator and communicate your SNR. Thanks.

Who are the users of the site?

The Balance Support Site is designed for the following user groups:

  • METTLER TOLEDO Excellence customers
  • METTLER TOLEDO employees
  • METTLER TOLEDO distributors

As a customer, which balances can I register?

METTLER TOLEDO customers owning one of the following excellence laboratory balances can access:

As a customer, how can I get access to the site?

METTLER TOLEDO customers can access the site when registering their product through the customer registration form. To be able to fill out the registration form, the customer will be asked to enter his Balances Serial Number (SNR).

The registration process can take a few seconds. The customer will then receive via email a personal login information.

How can international distributors get access to the site? (MT Sales International)

International distributors (MT Sales International)

To register, distributors need to enter an Access Code and a valid email address. Please contact to get the access code.

How can distributors get access to the site? (European MT-OnLine Distributors)

European MT-OnLine Distributors


Mettler-Toledo Distributors can access the site by clicking on the distributor registration process which is located here .

Type in your information and your personal distributor access code in the appropriate boxes.

Your distributor access code is personal and is included in the distributor start-up kit which has been provided by your dealer manager.

Where can I find documents and software updates for my registered balance?

You will find documents and software updates concerning your product in the folder Customer Support.

In the folder "Customer Support" the various product folders will only be visible to the customer, as long as a valid Balance Serial Number (SNR) has been entered during the registration process.

In the various product folders - for example, the folder XP Analytical Balances - you will find the following documents:

  • General introduction with software history
  • Supplier Declaration (PDF)
  • Software Release Chart (PDF)
  • Latest Software download (Firmware eLoader, EXE)
  • Product Details, Documentation & Manuals (link to
  • Further Support (link to

How can METTLER TOLEDO employees get access to the site?

MT employees can get access to the site by using their valid email address (e.g.  to fill out this form.

What is Proper Weighing with Laboratory Balances ?

Weighing is one of the most common tasks in the laboratory. Advanced micro, semi-micro, analytical and precision balances have now been perfected to such a degree that, in general, no special weighing rooms are needed.

proper_weighing_with_laboratory_balances.jpgTechnological advances in electronics have considerably simplified the operation of balances, drastically cut weighing times, and made the balances so adaptable that they can now be integrated directly into a production process.

The risk inherent in this progress, however, is that not enough care will be taken to prevent disturbing influences from the surrounding area. These usually involve physical effects which are measurable for micro, semi-micro and analytical balances, and which analytical balances cannot suppress because they result in measurable weight changes (e.g. through slow evaporation, moisture uptake), or forces which act on the weighing pan and weighing sample (e.g. magnetism, electrostatics) and which are interpreted by the balance as weight changes.

The purpose of these instructions is to explain the most important points to be noted when working with micro, semi-micro and analytical balances if high-quality results are required.

After some brief pointers concerning the location and proper operation of the balances, the disturbing influences on weighing will be discussed in detail. Most of these influences are recognizable by a slow change in the weight display (drift).

Since correct interpretation of the technical data is also of immense importance in the assessment of a weighing result, the most common technical terms are explained at the end.

Proper Weighing with Laboratory Balances

What is the structure of the Balance Support Site?

Balance Support Site - site mapThe structure with the different user types is available here.

Please note that the first-level folders have different privileges according user types.

The live dynamical structure is available in the site map. (no user types)

I have problems logging-in with Internet Explorer 6. What can I do?

Sometimes Internet Explorer 6 was 'freezing' when trying to log-in the Balance Support Site. Although this issue was fixed,
please do the following this steps:

1. Open the Internet Explorer
3. Click Ctr + F5 (Important!)
4. Enter your user name & password

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