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Login changes

Changes in the login of the Balance Support Site are coming. The e-mail address is going to replace the user name. Please be prepared to login with your e-mail address and your password when it goes live. Password will NOT change.
Login changes

Login problems

"I forgot my user name. I can't login anymore!" - this is one of the most common problems users do experience on the Balance Support Site.

Login with e-mail

In order to solve this issue the e-mail address replaces the user name. Please login with your e-mail address and your passwordfrom now.

Password does NOT change.


Problem with several users with the very same e-mail address

An number of users registered in the past with the very same e-mail address.

This is bad and forces us to have a clean-up of the users.

same email address


Resolution steps

1) Starting on July 4, 2011: Login with e-mail address enabled. Clean-up process starts.

When logging in with an e-mail that is duplicated, the system will prompt you.


Prompt to change the login

Please do one of the following:

  1. Change your e-mail address (if this is possible), or
  2. Send an email to vito.mediavilla@mt.com with subject "BSS" and include the user name that you want continue to use. All others user names associated with your e-mail address will be deleted. Continue logging in with this user name.


2) From August 8, 2011: All duplicated users are removed. No more access with user name.

All user names that are not needed will be removed. Only log-in with e-mail address is possible. Passwords will not change.

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