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Login changes

Changes in the login of the Balance Support Site are coming. The e-mail address is going to replace the user name. Please be prepared to login with your e-mail address and your password when it goes live. Password will NOT change.
Login changes

Login problems

"I forgot my user name. I can't login anymore!" - this is one of the most common problems users do experience on the Balance Support Site.

Login with e-mail

In order to solve this issue the e-mail address replaces the user name. Please login with your e-mail address and your passwordfrom now.

Password does NOT change.


Problem with several users with the very same e-mail address

An number of users registered in the past with the very same e-mail address.

This is bad and forces us to have a clean-up of the users.

same email address


Resolution steps

1) Starting on July 4, 2011: Login with e-mail address enabled. Clean-up process starts.

When logging in with an e-mail that is duplicated, the system will prompt you.


Prompt to change the login

Please do one of the following:

  1. Change your e-mail address (if this is possible), or
  2. Send an email to with subject "BSS" and include the user name that you want continue to use. All others user names associated with your e-mail address will be deleted. Continue logging in with this user name.


2) From August 8, 2011: All duplicated users are removed. No more access with user name.

All user names that are not needed will be removed. Only log-in with e-mail address is possible. Passwords will not change.

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